Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not Fun!!

I have Pink Eye!!  This is a first for me and it SUCKS!!!  I think the infection has spread too, cuz I have a cold on top of all of it.  The worst part is that other people can catch it for like two weeks.  Why did this have to happen over my brothers wedding??  Why did this have to happen when my sister is visiting for only a few more days from New Zealand and who knows when I will get to see her again??  Why does Brad have to go to school while Im sick??  Not great timing!!  So I guess this is gonna be my life for the next little while :(


  1. Pink eye is NO fun! hope you feel better, theres nothing worst then not feeling good and still having to take care of babies!

  2. I hope you feel better by now. It was SO fun to see Autumn. I loved talking to her and it didn't seem like it has been four years since I've seen her. We love your family so much!