Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October

Happy October!!!!  Oh my gosh I can not even describe how excited I am for this month!!  October has always been my favorite month!!  Its gorgeous!!  After such a long and hot Summer, October just feels amazing.  It is so rejuvinating.  Ive always felt like New Years should be in the Fall, because it feels more like a new beginning than January does.  I have so many happy memories of this month.  There are so many things I love about October!! 
The Colors
Fall colors are just beautiful and warm.  Living in Nevada during the Fall is always a little hard, because I miss the beautiful mountains full of bright red, orange and yellow trees!
The Wardrobe Change
I LOVE sweaters!  And boots!  And scarves!  I just love the fashion of the season.  I get so tired of Summer clothes.  Seriously, there are no cute, modest Summer clothes.  But I could blow all my money on Fall clothes.  There is nothing like a warm, soft sweater.
The Menu Change
So, cooking anything in the Summer is terrible.  I dread turning on the oven and heating up the house.  Plus, who wants to come home from being out in 100 degree weather to a hot bowl of soup?  Gross!  Most days in the Summer we have like, a slice of watermelon for dinner, cuz thats all we can handle after the heat of the day.  But now that its cooling off, my kitchen is calling me!!  Oh the soups and casseroles and homemade bread.  I think I have a thousand recipes I want to try on Pinterest.  Not to mention the baking!  I love baking.  Cookies and pies.  Oh my gosh and hot chocolate!!  Cant wait!!
I dont know why, but I have a little bit of an obsession with Pumpkins!!  I dream of having a HUGE Pumpkin patch all along the side of our house one day.  They are so pretty and cute and round.  And the color!!  I just love them!!
My favorite Holiday!!  Its so awesome!!  As a kid, it was magic.  And to be honest, as an adult, I still feel the same way.  Magic!  The costumes, the treats, the running around being scared.  Its just so fun.  My family has always done awesome Halloween parties. Crazy costumes.  Haunted dinners with my Dad's famous "witch's Brew".  Games and carving pumpkins.  An overwhelming amount of awesome decorations.  Scary, old black and white movies.  Its wonderful.  Not to mention, having kids now for this Holiday makes it so much more fun.  Dressing them in adorable costumes and seeing them run down the street, from house to house trick or treating.  Like I said.. Magic!
Fall Music
This may seem weird to some people, but there is just some music that has a Fall feel to it!!  Also, the Halloween movies.  Just the thought of "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" makes me so happy!!
Candy Corns
I know that this is like the grossest candy and Im always sick of them within like 5 minutes, but I love them.  Maybe its just cuz I know seeing them in the store means Halloween.  My favorite are the carmel apple ones.  So good.
I hope that you are all enjoying the season change!!  I can asure you, we are loving every moment of it :)


  1. I love fall too! And hopefully it will actually cool down here sometime soon! :)

  2. Amanda.. I saw a recipe on Pinterest for homemade butterfingers and they use candycorns... Im not the hugest Halloween fan, but I love pumpkins and all the delicious pumpkin desserts! The decorations are fun too. And I do love the cute costumes. I just get so dissappointed in the trick-or-treaters that have lame or sometimes even no costume