Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rain and Candyland

When I woke up this morning, I knew it was gonna be one of those days.  Our bed was so warm and soft and there was actually a chill in the air.  I got to sleep in with Brad until 7:30 and we woke up to the sound of rain outside and little voices in the next bedroom laughing and playing.
I knew I was not gonna get a single thing done all day
But sometimes you really need those days
Days where instead of working out and trying to get through the list of chores as fast as you can, you spend all morning snuggled under a blanket with your little ones and watch cartoons that make them laugh so hard. 
Instead of going outside to pull weeds or prune the rose bushes you just watch the boys play in the rain and the puddles.
Days where you just stare at their little faces and try to memorize them, because they are changing so much everyday.
Days where the world feels new again, because it is to them
Days where you have to feel just as excited and proud as your 3 1/2 year old, because when he heard thunder, he wasnt scared.
Days where you rescue lady bugs from the rain and put them under the strawberry plants so they will be warm.
Days where you cant stop hugging and kissing
Days where you explain to your son what a "flood" is and he thinks you said, "blood" and then asks you if he can go play in the "blood".
Days when you cant stop smiling
In my experience, these days often require hot chocolate Halloween cups
Sometimes you just need days where you play candyland all afternoon.  Especially when you get Princess Frostine on your VERY FIRST TURN!
Sometimes you just need those days that you never want to end

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