Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kalvin's First Birthday

Kalvin woke up on his first Birthday to ballooons! (Which he calls "balls")  We filled the livingroom with them the night before and when Clark woke up, he got them all and put them in their bedroom.  I woke up to Kalvin screaming, "Balls!  Balls!  Balls!".  He was super excited!!!
Our sweet little Birthady Boy :)
Looking at the streamers on the ceiling
His Grandma and Grandpa Robison are on a mission in Florida, so they sent Kalvin a card with some money and a letter to Clark, asking him if we would go buy a gift for Kalvin from them.. and one for himself too.  Clark felt SO important.  It was awesome.  So after a really long time spent in the toy section of Target, Clark picked this toy for Kal, and the one in the picture below for him.
They spent the afternoon playing with their new toys and the balloons.  The balloons never got old.
Kalvin's favorite thing to do was to crawl after the balloons as fast as he could and try to bite them.  It was so funny to watch!!!
The little buddy took a nice little Birthday nap
Then when Dad got home, it was time to open presents
He got a "little people" airplane and a ducky bead chain from us.  Grandma and Grandpa
Merkley sent him an inch worm toy that you push down and it goes.  Clark pretty mcuh claimed that toy.  They played with that one the rest of the evening.
I love this picture, cuz you can see his little mouth making the "vroom" sound for the plane
My baby
The plan for dinner was to make him spaghetti, since he loves it, but by dinner time, we were pretty tired.  (guess thats what the poor boy gets for being born during midterms week)  So, instead we decided to let him try his first happy meal.  He seemed to like it, but I think he had more fun trying to steal Clark's from him when he wasn't looking.
I made him a lime jello cake
He thought the noise makers were so funny
Blowing out the candle
He didnt really like the cake.  I dont know what it is with these two boys, but they just dont really like cake or ice cream very much.  I told Brad next year, we're just gonna stick a candle in a banana!
I told Clark to eat his cake and he licked it a couple times and said he was done
This is how the night ended for our little man.  He was so tired from a long day of fun.  Not to mention, cutting teeth is always a little sad, especially at bedtime.  Cant believe our baby is 1.  He is so crazy and so much fun.  He keeps our house very lively :)  We love him to pieces!

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