Thursday, October 4, 2012

Las Vegas Parks

I think that when I look back on these days as a mother of two young boys, living in the city, one of the first things that will come to mind is Las Vegas parks!  We spend a lot of time at them.  When we start to get tired of chores and errands and being stuck in the house, we go to the park. 
I think that I will remember very vividly, driving from park to park to find one without any sketchy people.  Stopping to get water or some lemonade, because even though its the morning, its still a million degrees outside.
The excitement of finally finding a park and Clark racing to the slide, even though its so hot that it burns his little bum when he slides down it.
I'll remember the prickly bramuda grass and palm trees that provide zero shade
That the swings are the absolute greatest thing in their life
Always love these days with my boys!!


  1. Great pictures of kids at the parks! Sun shining, faces smiling...sweet life, albeit HOT!

  2. So cute! Way to go for making an often miserably hot experience look like so much fun. They'll remember these times too :)

  3. I love Love LOVE parks... There is just something so good about being outside... and the bright colors from the toys just add to the "cheeriness" Love your boys too.. they are adorable. Maybe one evening we can meet up and have a picnic at the park :)