Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Heating Up

I think we may just have used up all our nice weather for the Spring here in Nevada.  It got up to 101 degrees yesterday and we felt the days climbing all through the week before.
So we have been spending lots of time playing in the tiny wading pool we got Clark 3 years ago.  Might be time to upgrade to a little bigger one now that there are two little fishys trying to swim :)
I have stopped trying to put swimming suits on them.  As soon as I turn my back to weed the garden or water the flowers, the boys strip down the nothin' and throw their suits on the porch.
A triple melon slushy.
The boys approved
And are now having a hard time settling for just plain old water after a long day of swimming
The kids have both been fighting being sick.... still.  So we have sorta been stuck at home lately.  We've been finding things to keep us busy and fight the cabin fever.
We made Aunt Nancy's oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies.  My favorite recipe ever!!!!
Should have injected a few with the boys medicine!
We spent some time putting together a care package for some lovely people that we miss oh so much!!!!
The boys have their cartoons that they love and they often hold hands while watching them together.  So cute!!!  They're either holding hands or hitting.  Never anything in between with these two.
As things heat up, Im feeling less and less motivated to be in the kitchen.  Boy do I hate cooking when its hot!
Summer fruits are starting to ripen and we're generally pretty happy to have that as a meal
That and homemade salsa!  We've got tomatoes on the vine... they just need to ripen.  Cant wait!!!!

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