Monday, May 6, 2013

Finally... A Weekend!!!

Last month was really hard for a lot of reasons, but one of them was that we didn't get a single weekend!!  We were so busy and Brad had to be gone so much that we just didn't see each other or get a break like at all.  It was tough.  So, we have been looking forward to the first weekend in May for a month.  Not because we were doing anything real exciting... but because we were doing nothing at all.  And it was wonderful!  Just what we needed!!

We woke up late Friday morning, even the kids.  Had some breakfast and decided it might be fun to go to the store and buy the kids a new pool.  We got a decent price on this big blow-up one and they love it.
We spent most of Friday outside
It was good and hot
But the kids enjoyed swimming
And watermelon juice
And we got some yard work done. 
The evening was spent just relaxing and playing with the boys.
Saturday morning we woke up early and headed out to the valley.
We played with family and Brad mounted his new scope on his gun
We went over and got to see Brady and Jessica's new house!  So excited that they are living out there now.  And their place is really cute.  Perfect them and enough room for their enormous dog, Daisy :) 
After that we got to go help Scott and Emily move into their new little apartment.  They are moving back to town from Cedar City.  So happy they are going to be so close!  We've missed them. 
Clark got to help Emmy make cookies for Grandpa and we got to all reminisce and plan for Grandma and Grandpa coming home NEXT WEEK!!!  So dang exciting!!!! 
It was such a fun day.  We love spending time with family and away from the city. 
Sunday was a great day too!  Its been a couple weeks since we've been able to go to church, cuz the kids have been sick for so long.  And it was one of those Sundays where everything that everyone says is just exactly what you need to hear.  Plus, it was Fast Sunday and after fasting about lots of big decisions just around the corner, I'm finally starting to feel good about things.  Life's moving forward and it will be really good :)
Then we got to come home from church and relax for a little bit
Made some meat loaf and a salad completely from our garden!!  That's right, tomatoes ripened just for us to break our fast :)  And the lettuce growing out there was so crisp and delicious!  So much better than the store bought stuff. 
Later we had to get back to real life a little bit.  We had to do some chores and Brad had to work on some school stuff and then I got in a fight with my sewing machine that lasted about 2 hours.  I got a headache and gave up for the night, but Im going back in there today.  Wish me luck.  If you drive by my house and there is a sewing machine in the road, that means it won and I will be taking Brad's scrubs to a seamstress.
But aside from the sewing machine incident, really good weekend!!  I love time with my family.  I very much look forward to the day when Brad is done with school and things will hopefully calm down a little for us. 
One more year!  I can officially say that now that it is May.  One more year!!!

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  1. Ditto to much of your post (about the busy-ness and finally getting a weekend and Graduation of Husbands next May! Woot! :o)