Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hard Earned Break

Oh my this week has been wonderful!!  Its been so long since we've been able to relax and have some fun.  Between Brad's school and the boys being sick, we just haven't had a moment to catch our breath.  This last week, we were able to.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  Honestly, I'm not even sure what happened when.  The days all kinda mooshed together with lots of family and friends and happiness.
We were quite pleased to find out that Brad's program at school decided to go paperless and now requires all PT students to have an ipad... so they bought us an ipad!!!!  Its awesome and I may be a little addicted.  We'd been wanting one for so long, but there was just no way we were going to be able to afford one for quite a while, so that was a very happy surprise.
We got together for what was probably our LAST BBQ with the "married guys" from Brad's class and their families.  I really feel like we got so lucky being in the same class as these people.  They are all so great and these guys have been such great friends for Brad!!  Its been a crazy 2 years of us all together and so weird to think that in the next month, we'll all be going our separate ways.
"The PT Wives Club"
When they all started school 2 years ago, there were only 2 kids in the group.  Now there are 4 1/2 ;)  So fun!!
One of the nights last week we decided to use our gift card to Red Lobster
We ate way too much!!!  I tried scallops for the first time and loved them!!!  Who knew?  And I'm not much of a shrimp person, but the coconut shrimp there is to die for.  Cheesecake was not bad either.  Like I said, we ate way too much.
We were lucky enough to spend some time out in Overton with the Robison clan.  Clark and Kal got to spend some much needed quality time with their cousins...
...and Grandparents.  Ohhhh Clarky and his games.  He is obsessed.  Its getting to the point where if anyone sees Clark walking through the house with a game, they need to hide.  Of course they don't.  They are all suckers for his big brown eyes and sweet little "please" and end up playing "Guess Who" for hours on end.
Brad and I were lucky enough to get a date in.  Brad's sweet and brave parents agreed to take the kids off our hands so we could go see KA.  It was a Cirque De Soleil show on the strip.  It was good.  Sorta weird at some parts, but fun.  Loved the music and I was just so happy to be out on a date!!
Brad's parents kept the boys over night, so after the show, we were still free.  It was midnight and no kids.  That hasn't happened in like forever.  So you want to know what we did??  We went home and watched 30Rock and were both asleep before the first episode ended.  hah  We are so old.  But it was wonderful!! 

The next day we were going to go to the driving range so Brad could laugh at me, but it was closed.  So we just went and got some lunch instead.  By the way, I don't think Einstein's should do paninis.  They need to just stick to bagels.
Then after lunch we were headed back out to get our babies
We got to Overton to find them both as happy as could be and probably hadn't even noticed we were gone.  Such a comfort to know they have people that love and take care of them like that!! 
I love watching these two together!!!
Grandpa took us out for some ice cream and the good old Inside Scoop before we left to come back into vegas.
Kal was happy to finish what Clark couldn't.
Reminiscing about Brad's childhood and Dad told us some fun stories about him being a teenager there in Overton :)
We came to a big decision over the week.  We've known for a while that we will be moving out to Overton come August, since Brad's last two internships are in Mesquite.  We just didn't know where would be living.  Well after lots and lots and lots of conversations, we finally came to a decision.  In August we will officially be moving in with Brad's parents.  We decided it would be a good move to save up some money this last year before Brad graduates and Brad's parents are so incredibly kind and have opened their home to us without any hesitation.  We feel very blessed and although, a little nervous about this next step, very excited too!!!
We got a new lawn mower.  The one we've been using has been barely working for the last few years.  Brad's just been jimmy-riggin' it every time he starts the thing up.  Well, it finally quit on us.  Then as luck would have it, we found a lawn mower that was in great condition at DI for $35.  Good buy for sure.
We spent a whole day swimming and playing, but decided it would be a waste to spend a beautiful Saturday indoors in the city.  So Friday night found us back in the car and headed back to Overton.  Can you tell we're ready to be living out there??
Clarky felt the need to play with his trucks on the front porch at 9:30 at night once we got to Grandma's.
Saturday morning, Brad rolled out of bed at about 4:30am to go pick Brady up and head to the lake to do some fishing.  They had fun, I think.  Brad caught 2 large mouth bass and is wanting to make some fish tacos.  We'll see how this turns out...
While they were fishing, the boys and I went to play with Jessica and Cole.  They just moved into their new house, so we were excited to go see it all put together.  Its so cute!!!!  I love love love it.
We are SO excited to move out and be closer to Brady and Jessica!!   
Checking out Dad's fish
After just a few days, Grandmas got her hooks into the boys good.  Its like they never left on a mission.  I love Emily's expression, "thick as thieves".  So accurate in describing the bond between Grandma and these kids!! 
Brad's parents got iphones, so Brad was trying to show Dad how to use his and helping him set it up.  haha  You wouldn't believe how entertaining it was :)
And I guess that brings us to today...
Its been a lovely Sunday.  Church was inspiring and renewing and an afternoon of sandwiches and Arrested Development has been quite enjoyable.
Tomorrow is our last day before Brad goes back to school and we plan on thoroughly enjoying it.  There may be some swimming and some grilling that needs to take place.. but only after a few chores.  Our house has suffered this week from all the fun.
Hope your week was as wonderful as ours was!!!

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