Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

That's right!!  Brad's parents are home!!!!!  They got home last Wednesday from serving a mission for our church in Florida.  They loved it and Im sure are really missing it.  But they seem so happy to be home with family again and we are all so happy to have them back and so proud of them!  So, this weekend we got as much of the family as we could together. (Erik amd Christy live in Oklahoma, so they weren't able to be there unfortunately)
Saturday was spent just playing together
There was lots of catching up to do and lots of reminiscing
(Terrifies me every time Jesse pushes Clark on the swing, but Clark loves it)
These two are warming up to each other and starting to become good friends.  Makes me so happy!
Clark showed us some of his tricks on the trampoline
The best was the sound effects he makes while doing them!
There is always lots of good food at these get-togethers
This boy loves chips so much
The watermelon and the corn were SO good!!!!!
Kal couldn't get enough
After spending the entire day outside, the boys were about as dirty as boys can be.  Kalvin actually shoveled quite a bit of sand into his diaper.
We washed them up real good and the little cousins had slumber party in the family room and watched "Rise of the Guardians" and had popcorn.
Clark was so proud that he is now old enough to sleep in the big room with all the kids in a sleeping bag instead of in Mom and Dad's room with the baby.  He felt super important, even though he did have to come sit on my lap a couple times cuz the movie scared him ;)
Mother's Day started out busy.  That many people and 3 showers and 9 o'clock church makes for a crazy morning.  But we all made it with time to spare.
I love being a Mom to these boys!!!  They make me so happy and give my life so much meaning.  Being a Mother is the most significant thing I have ever done and I feel so blessed every time I see their sweet little faces!!!
Church was wonderful!!  Brad's parents both spoke and did such an amazing job.  Im so inspired by them.  Sometimes, intimidated by how amazing they are, but mostly just inspired.  Kalvin was a tiny monster all through the meeting, but we made it.
Sunday was nice and lazy
The Moms got spoiled with gifts and a nice dinner.  Brad's Dad got each of us a rose.  So sweet :)
Grandpa sat the family down for a good talk, like he often does.  It had been almost two years though, since they have been gone.  He talked to the kids mostly, about preparing to go on a mission one day.  He gave Dallin, the oldest Grandson, his missionary tag.  He told him to hold onto it while he prepares to go on his mission.  And then when he is in the mission field, to mail it to the next cousin in the family to go on a mission.  He says that he hopes it gets passed on down through all the grandkids to serve missions.  Such a cute idea!  Although, Dallin might have to give this tag to his older sister, Ambree, because we're all betting that she'll be the first to serve a mission in the family.
Oh and for dessert they served Danish Delight.  Its a Robison classic :)  The very first time I really met Brad's family we had this.  Makes me think of how nervous I was and how Brad made fun of me being a Dance Major.  haha  And oh how tiny all the kids were then.  Kate couldn't even walk.  They've all grown up so much!!!  I just love my in-laws so very much!!  Im so lucky I married into this family!!!
It really was a lovely Mothers Day!

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