Monday, January 27, 2014

Clark's 5th Birthday

Here is the little man eating his birthday breakfast. 
He didn't want to do a thing before opening his presents.  And he got a lot!  Honestly, Brad and I only got him one gift and the rest are from Grandparents and Uncles and Aunts.
We decided since he got a t-ball set for his birthday, we'd go have a picnic at the park and try it out.
Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen in your entire life?!
He was pretty serious about it!
And he was pretty darn good
Anyone who knows Clark, knows that he is kind of a shy and sweet and a careful little boy.  He has always had a little trouble with trying new things.  But something about turning 5 has given him all sorts of confidence!  Its like he has just decided that he is old now and so he is going to act old.  It started the day after his birthday.  He has never once in his life got himself dressed.  I've worked with him trying to teach him how to put on his own shirt, but he has never done it.  Until the day after his birthday.  He came waltzing into my bedroom that morning all dressed all by himself.  He insists on doing everything for himself now, including dishing up dinner on to his plate all by himself, putting tooth paste on his tooth brush all by himself, scaling the kitchen cabinets to get himself a drink of water.  And every time I go to help him and he stops me, he just says, 'Mom I'm 5 now'.  Its the cutest and saddest thing ever!!  Infact, if I think about it long enough, I think I could make myself cry.  He is a big boy and he knows it!  Which is why he made us take the training wheels off of his bike ON his birthday.
Saturday evening, the family all came over and we had pizza and rootbeer at Clark's request
I made him cupcakes.  I swore I wasn't going to, because neither of the boys like cake and have never eaten a single birthday cake I've made them, but Clarky asked and asked for cupcakes and promised me that he would eat them.  So, I did it.  He wanted these butterfly cupcakes he saw, but I decided not to, cause they were going to be too much work.  I made him these worms in dirt ones and was feeling bad all day that I didn't just make him the ones he wanted... But after he blew out his candles and took one bite and ran from the table, I was glad that I didn't spend all day on butterfly fondant!  Plus, he thought the gummy worms were cool.  Kalvin was super freaked out and wouldn't take a single bite, because he was sure it was real dirt on them.  He even took his cup and was trying to scrape it all off.  He gave up and left too though.
Such a little sweetie!!!!
Happy 5 years Clarky!!!!  We love you more than you know!!!

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