Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Boys

Today as Clark was eating his sandwich for lunch, he asked me if he could have more chips.  I told him to finish his sandwich first.  About one minute later he says, so innocently, 'I'm done".  I look over to see his hands hovering over the corner of his sandwich that was left as he tried to look casual.  I told him that I knew he had not finished his sandwich and that he'd better not lie to me.  He looked shocked and asked how I knew that?  I told him that I'm magic, because I'm a Mom and that I know everything.  He seemed super weirded out and has spent the rest of the day holding things behind his back and asking me what they are.   
He is such a funny boy and is really starting to come into himself.  He is such an individual.  The boy detests potatoes.  He was talking with Grandpa the other morning over breakfast and Grandpa asked him why he likes coco puffs?  Clark responded with 'all little boys like coco puffs.  Little boys like everything..... except some little boys hate potatoes.'  On the other hand, the kid loves black licorice.  Who would have thought?  He wont eat a cupcake, but black licorice and he cant get enough.  I don't know where that comes from.
Grandpa told me that the other day he was sitting in his chair in the living room and the two little boys were playing on the floor there and that Clark came over to Grandpa, looked at Kal, walked around to the other side of Grandpa's chair, so as not to let Kalvin hear as he whispered in Grandpa's ear, 'I have a girlfriend'. 
He sure has been missing school.  He asks me 20 times a day if its time to go back to school yet.  I know that its only preschool, but I love that he loves it so much.   I hope that he always loves school!  He is such a little smarty.  He catches onto things so quickly and loves to be challenged.  I think that's why he loves games so much.  Because its always a challenge.
He is still not much of an eater.  He could eat cereal everyday, but he does also love macaroni and most fruit.  And carrots.  Oh how he loves carrots. 
I asked him what he wants for his birthday and he told me he wants a bow and arrow and a guitar.  Also, he wants macaroni and no cake.  Those were his requests.
Clark has also been thinking outside of the box for reasons he has to get out of bed a lot of nights.  He needs a drink, he has to pee, Kalvin is annoying him, he needs a stuffed animal, he is sacred, he wants the hall light off, he wants the hall light on, Pete is scared, Kalvin wont talk to him, and on and on and on.  I now feel for my parents and the trouble I gave them at bed time.
His little imagination develops more and more each day.  I love listening to him playing with his toys or with Kalvin.  When he pretends to talk on the phone or talks to himself on the potty.  He has such a creative mind and I just never ever want to stop talking to him.
His perspective and insight are a gift to me each day!  Weather its on music or God or crayons, I'm grateful, cause its always something I would have never though of. 
Kalvin is absolutely 100% crazy.  He is always moving and always talking and/or singing.  And its always completely random.  Everyone in the family just laughs at this kid all the time, because he is just so bizarre and so lively and the time.  He narrates what he is doing all day long, usually in song.
He has an amazing vocabulary and can speak so clearly, which is adorable, but there are still just a few words that he doesn't get quite right and it makes me happy.  Remember how for some reason he use to call chapstick, 'puppybear'?  Yeah he doesn't do that anymore.  I was really sad, but then it got cold and we pulled out the mittens and he for some reason calls them, 'liplers'.  hahaha I have no idea why.  When Clark was a toddler and couldn't think of what something was called, he always, for some weird reason, called it a 'poonstick'.  hahaha  Again, I don't know why.  But Kalvin just makes up new words for each word he cant remember and than it stays that for a long time.  Its amazing.  He also cant say 'pinecone' and instead says 'pineguin'.  I think its a mix of 'pinecone' and penguin'.  Also, he calls avocados, 'adacabos'.  We also here him say 'that kinda one' about a hundred times a day.  Its never 'that one' its always 'that kinda one'. 
He has into the habit of using the excuse, 'its too dangerous' whenever he doesn't want to do something.  We tell him to drink his milk -- 'its too dangerous.'  We tell him to pick up his toys -- 'its too dangerous.'  We tell him to tell Clark sorry -- 'its too dangerous.'  Its really pretty funny.  I guess that's the excuse we use on him a lot..
He has a serious obsession with rocks that I am blaming on his Grandma Merkley.  He has whole collection in a pile by the front steps.  We go out there daily so that he can gather them all up and place them, very methodically on different decorative rocks that are around the front yard.  Each one has its own place on the 'big' rocks around the yard and then when he is all done placing them where they go, he runs around collecting them and putting them back where they started.  He spends hours doing it and its probably when he is the happiest.  The kid could spend his whole life outside.  He never ever wants to be inside.  Its just what makes him happy.  The sunshine and the dirt and the rocks.  Ohhh the rocks.
Watching Kalvin learn and grow is the most hilarious thing.  He just makes me laugh and surprises me every single day.  He is so genuine in every way.  When he loves you, he really loves you and when he is mad at you, watch out!  He is such a strong person and I think that life is easier when you are firm in who you are, so that makes me happy.  I think he is going to always be a force to reckoned with, no matter what age he is.

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