Monday, January 27, 2014

The Ultimate Career

I feel like I have seen SO many blogs and articles and posts lately bashing moms.  Especially stay at home moms.  They are blowing up my news feed.  It makes me sad.  I don't really know what is going on with people these days.  And really, I feel that anyone who thinks that being a mother is a lazy approach to life and that it doesn't contribute very much to society, obviously hasn't given the subject very much honest thought.  We are all entitled to our own opinions and mine are obviously on the complete other end of the spectrum when it comes to so many so-called 'feminists'. 
What are my opinions you ask?  Well...... I think that Motherhood is the most beautiful sacrifice there is.  I think that homemaking is a lost art.  I think that being a mother is a divine calling that affects absolutely every aspect of the world we live in.  The outcome and the success of the next generation weighs heavily and solely on the shoulders of parents, mothers in particular.   And unlike what has been stated so much recently by so many, it is actually much easier to be selfish and to live only for yourself.  Being in a marriage means putting someone else before yourself and being a parent means putting a lot of people before yourself.  I think that it is the ultimate training in becoming a good and decent person, quite frankly.  Because aren't we suppose to love and care for one another?  Aren't we suppose to be understanding and to practice patience with every soul we come in contact with?  Being a mother gives you the opportunity (weather you like it or not) to become that kind of a person.  
But now that I have said how I feel about motherhood, I want to make it clear that these women who despise the idea of marriage and family don't bother me.  They have the right to make the best decisions for their own lives and I would never presume to know what is right for them or what will make them happy.  My problem is the insulting and childish way so many go about stating their beliefs.  Why are people so quick to judge?  Why so quick to put others down?  For me, whenever someone is blatantly rude, I feel like it shows a lack of maturity and its very hard for me to take them seriously.  Not to mention, it sends up all sorts of red flags about insecurities to do with where they are in their own life.  But, if these issues truly do matter to them and if they want their voice to be heard, they should do it in a way that speaks to people and opens up conversation and provokes thought.  Don't just shout at the world that you're right and that you hate anyone who lives their lives differently than you.  Unless of course you're going for the whole 16 and misunderstood image. 
All I can really think to say is (and maybe this is because I am a mother) ... ENOUGH!!!  Enough judgment.  Enough belittling.  Enough unkindness.  I don't know when all this became acceptable, but its time to stop.  Weather you are single or married, a doctor, a lawyer or a mother, no matter what you are now or what you hope to be, be kind first.  Be respectful of others, because people matter.  Being a doctor matters.  Being a lawyer matters.  Being a Mother matters.  Being a person matters. 

Anyway, I am going to just go ahead and end with a picture of my two beautiful purposes in life along with a quote that I love....
'The homemaker has the ultimate career.  All other careers exist for one purpose only - and that is to support the ultimate career.'
-C.S. Lewis 

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