Thursday, January 23, 2014

Clark's Birth

It being Clark's birthday and all, I started looking through old photos of around when he was born, like I do every year.  As I was looking back I realized that I wasn't keeping this family journal when he was born, so there aren't any pics of him when he was born on here.  So, today is as good a day as any to put a few up to remember when not only he was a baby, but when Brad and I were babies as well.  The photo above is of our first Easter married.
Look how young and dumb we are :)
This was the night we found out that I was pregnant.  We got Chinese food and stayed up all night watching an AFV marathon that was on tv, because we were in complete shock and couldn't sleep a wink.  The baby we had planned to start thinking about in 4 YEARS was already on his way....
One of the few pregnancy pictures I have. ( 6 months)  Makes me sad that we didn't take more.  I was so sick and we were both so busy with work and school, we just didn't think about it. 
And then after a few more months and Mexican food every day and hours and hours and hours of horrible labor, we got to meet the little buddy!
Don't mind how awful I look in all the these pictures.  Im not one of those women who look gorgeous after getting ripped in half, from the inside, over the course of a few days ;)
So proud.  It was about this moment when Brad said that he looked like 'a Clark'.
And there he is!!!!!!!
5 1/2 pounds of perfection
I just couldn't get over how tiny he was! 
This is probably me being annoyed with the nurses.  I hated my nurses there!  And the hospital food was disgusting and I was starving.  Lucky for us, Emily came to visit and brought left over lasagna and I swear to this day its the best thing I have ever tasted.  She saved my life!!
We were so happy when we finally got to go home from the hospital and put him to sleep in his bassinet for the very first time.
And thanks to Autumn for capturing us at home trying to figure out what the crap to do with a new born baby. haha
Look at those chicken legs!!!
And then we went out to Logandale so that everyone else in the family could meet the little guy.  Now, there are only pictures of the Merkley side meeting him, because well, Autumn is amazing and was taking a million pictures for me.  I have a few of The Robison side meeting Clark, but they aren't digital copies and are in photo albums packed away in storage.  Soooo maybe for Clark's 6th birthday I'll be able to put those ones up on here ;)
Seriously Autumn, thankyou SO much!!!!!!  Im so grateful for all of these photos of everyone falling in love with our Clarky!!
'Im not really a people holder...'
.......And the totally and completely exhausted new parents :)  Im so glad that my next pregnancy, delivery, recovery and new born stage was much, much easier!!!
But it was all so worth it for that sweet face!!!  Seriously, my heart breaks every time I look at this.  He was so small and so perfect and I cant believe he is 5 already!!!  People probably get so sick of parents constantly saying stuff like 'oh my baby is getting too big too fast' and 'I just want time to slow down'.  I mean, I get kinda sick of it.  But seriously, Time, STOP!!!!  Its too much!!

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