Wednesday, November 27, 2013

End of Fall

Oh how I love this glorious season!!!!
It absolutely gorgeous
Everything about it makes me happy
And I felt like it was so long that I was awaiting its arrival
And now suddenly here we are in the middle of the last week of Fall
The last week of perfect weather
Last of the pumpkins and colorful leaves
Makes me a little sad, but I know that wont last
I really, really love the Christmas season
And I love the New Year feeling
And I am crazy about Valentines Day
I love a lot of things haha
So we get to have lots more fires in the fireplace
Lots more sweaters and boots and hats
Lots more layering PJs for bed, because man is that basement cold!!!
Lots more snuggling in bed long after the alarm has sounded, because we cant bring ourselves to step onto the freezing floor.. and then finding ourselves in the same predicament when faced with stepping out of a hot shower into the freezing bathroom.
Our little space heater will be getting a lot of use this winter!
But luckily winter here in the valley is still quite a pretty sight.
And now that I have my fabulous new camera, I will be documenting in all in great detail.  Aren't you lucky ;)
Today is this sexy mans LAST day at the clinic he has been working at.  He has really enjoyed this one a lot and I think he is a little sad to be moving on, but excited to begin work at his very LAST internship before Graduation!!  How strange is that?!  He is already on to his last one.  So proud of him.  Just incase you didn't know, he is the greatest, smartest and most fun Physical Therapist ever!
So this week will be spent doing lots of Thanksgiving baking and prep
And on Thanksgiving, even more time in the kitchen.  But then we are going to eat the most delicious turkey dinner that's ever been prepared!!
And then we will be taking down fall decorations and putting up Christmas.  Yay!!!
There has been some talk of going up to the mountains to cut us down a Christmas tree, but I don't know that we will be all that ambitious.  We shall see.
And we are going to spend the week missing G&G, because they flew back to Oklahoma to spend Thanksgiving with Erik and Christy and Lily.

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