Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My 28th Birthday

My 28th Birthday was the first Birthday where I actually felt a little anxious about getting older.  I've never cared much, but 28?!  That just seems like such a big, scary number!  I was freaking out a little bit the night before.  But, Brad made sure my day was full of happiness and I totally forgot about the fact that Im old.  My day consisted of:

+ Waking up to Brad laying in bed singing every birthday song he could think of in both English and Spanish
+ A scalding hot bath
+ Brad making me blueberry muffins and hot chocolate
+ Brad completely surprising me with a brand new camera!!!  One that I have been wanting for SO long!!!  I was totally shocked and am in heaven!!!
+ A rain storm that lasted all day
+ Time to actually paint my nails for once in forever
+ G&G taking the boys for the rest of the day
+ Brad driving me to St. George
+ Going to eat a Texas Roadhouse and eating a thousand rolls and barely even being able to attempt my entrée.
+ Doing a little shopping at Target and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
+ Going to see Catching Fire (that movie was the greatest thing ever!!)
+ Driving home and telling Brad the entire third book from the hunger games series, cause he didn't want to wait another year to find out what happens
+ Coming home to 2 happy boys
+ Eating cheesecake and watching lots of Office

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