Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Our Halloween started out with Clark going to his Preschool Halloween party.  He brought a little fruit platter Grandma put together for him and said that he had an awesome time and that they played some sort of fishing game.  That's all I could get out of him.  That and also that his teacher made everyone try each type of food, even though he only wanted the strawberries and fruit snacks.
We watched Halloween cartoons and I made the kids a Halloween themed lunch that they thought was weird and just asked for regular peanutbutter sandwiches, not pumpkin shaped peanutbutter sandwiches.  Little turkeys! 
We prepped for the evenings festivities
Finally evening arrived and people got out of school and got home from work and the party began
For Grandpa's birthday Brad and I took his favorite chair that he got from either his Dad or his Grandpa (I cant remember) and stripped it and refinished it, because it had some dings and paint spilled on it and stuff.  It was a fun project and I always like doing gifts that are more sentimental.  He seemed happy with it!
Then was time to break out the costumes
And the swords
And the candy
After attempting to take some pictures, we were out hiking up and down the street
We only hit a few houses
Mostly just family
We got back home just as Scott and Emily were arriving
So we had to spend a little bit playing with Brielle...
Before we headed up to visit the Stratton's
The boys came home with lots of candy, lots of energy and just as happy as can be.  We let them stay up and play with the baby and sneak candy for a little while, but as all wonderful holidays must come to an end sometime, we herded them downstairs and tucked them in..... and hid the candy, hoping by morning they would forget they had any.  (Grandma reminded them before too long ;) )

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