Sunday, November 17, 2013

Real Life

Isn't it so weird how we purposely put off our happiness? 
We tell ourselves that we wont be happy until....
Until we are in grad school
Until we move somewhere else
Until graduation
Until we have another baby
Until we get the perfect job
And have more money and less debt
Until we buy a house
Until we lose 20 pounds
Just to name a few of my stupid 'untils'....
I was on pinterest the other day looking at couches and I was so grumpy looking at these gorgeous grey, clawfoot couches as I sat on my ugly, worn out sofa and all the sudden I was like, 'what am I doing?!  Its a couch!  Is my life really going to be affected this much from a couch!?' 
And even with the things that actually are important, like jobs and kids... why would I not allow myself to be happy now just because I don't have them all yet.
Its great to set goals and look to the future, but man is it a slippery slope.
There will always be things I don't have.  Always. 
So why waste my time being sad about it.
So I have been trying really hard to just be happy and grateful.
So much easier said than done, right?!
But I'm going to love my life the way it is right now while I'm working toward the future. 
I'm going to live it up here in Overton ;)
I'm going to embrace the excitement that comes with not having a clue where we are going to be come Summer and what Brad's job is going to be and what we will be doing.
I am going to look at our ever-growing amount of student loans as an opportunity to learn to be better equipped to handle finances and be frugal.
I am going to cherish my boys
And my husband
Because really, that's the only stuff that matters
My marriage and my family, the gospel and knowing that I am growing as a person
The rest is just gravy
So screw you beautiful pinterest couches!!  I just had the most wonderful sunday nap on my ugly, old couch today. 
So cheers to living in the present.  Cheers to my real life.  Its beautiful and crazy and far from over. 


  1. You're amazing! Thank you for this. :)

  2. Oh Amanda!! How true.. and Oh How BEAUTIFUL your life in Overton looks from my point of view.. Maybe well get out there soon enough to enjoy it with you and your boys, but if not... I'll keep doing my best to enjoy my life here in the city!!!

  3. Beautiful post Amanda!! I love all of your cute pictures of your family.