Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kalvin's 3rd Birthday

It happened.  This sweet, tiny, crazy baby turned 3 years old.  

We are a little bit in denial.  We kinda still want him to be a baby.  He is growing too fast. 

He is one of the most amazing little people in the entire world!  He has brought our family all sorts of happiness.  I dont know what we would do without him. 

We spent the majority of his day just me and him, since Brad was working and Clark was at school.  We watched cartoons and played with balloons and I held him and cuddled him and wouldnt hardly let him get down and play.  Why are kids Birthdays so emotional for Mothers? haha 

We went and got Clark from school, got some ice cream and then I took them to get their hair cut.  They've been looking too shaggy lately and its been driving me nuts.  After that we went home and waited for Dad to get home. 

Once Dad was home we let Kal open his presents and he and Clark were both so excited they could hardly stand it. 

They LOVE Jake and the Neverland Pirates so much and always play "Jake and Captain Hook". 

Clark was sure to take over and show him how to play with everything ;) 

He kept yelling, "Captain Hook! Captain Hook!" 

G&G Robison sent a Birthday package for him.  When we picked it up from the Post Office, Kal was so excited and yelled, "Oh I am so happy.  I am going to say thankyou for this in my prayers!"  Everyone at the Post Office got a kick out of it.  
{ notice the little stack of newspapers from our home town that they sent for us to read.  They are adorable!} 

They sent both Clark and Kalvin a gift 

Brad's Mom is amazing and made them each holiday themed pillow cases for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and then a few fun ones with trucks and puppies and stuff.  And apparently there are more pillow cases to come for the rest of the holidays.  Such a cute idea and the kids were so excited to sleep with their Halloween pillows that night :)  

The boys played for a long time and then we picked up a pizza, cause we are just so tired from moving and painting and everything.  I felt a little bad that his birthday dinner was just takeout pizza, but he was quite happy with it, so thats good. 

Kalvin told me for weeks that he wanted a pink cake with yellow spots for his Birthday.  I dont know why or where he got the idea, but he didnt let up, so I figured we had better deliver.  So Brad was a sweetheart as always and made him a pink velvet cake and we put yellow sixlettes on top.  He was very impressed and couldn't really blow out the candles cause he was smiling so much.  He just kept making this face. haha  

And the boys actually ate it!!!  This is huge for our family.  These kids never actually eat cake.  But it was delicious, so of course. 

Oh my gosh do we love this child.  Life is just better with him in it!!! 

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  1. I loved every one of these pictures. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALVIN!!!!