Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lazy P Farms

So when last weekend rolled around and Brad and I went through our list of all the things that we needed to get done on saturday - the unpacking, cleaning, painting and getting the baby's room ready - I may have suggested that we forget all of that and go in to Winnemucca for the day.  Brad wasn't hard to convince ;)  We have been working so hard and things have been so crazy and when this baby comes in a few weeks, its going to be even crazier and our boys have been SO amazing through everything that they deserved to have a day out having fun with all Mom & Dad's attention on them.  So we did just that.

I had heard about a farm in Winnemucca that has corn mazes and a pumpkin patch and petting zoo and all kinds of crap for kids, so that is what we decided to go do.

The Petting Zoo was a lot of fun!

The boys got to actually go in with the animals and feed them and play with them 

Its been a while, but the goats they had actually made me almost want a goat again.  They were super cute and Kal loved them so much.

I think that was Kalvin's favorite part of the whole day.  The boy loves animals.  In fact, he tells me often that he loves all the animals in the whole live world.

Clark on the other hand, not so much.  haha  He has never really been a fan of animals, especially the overly friendly ones.  He says he only likes cats and I think thats because cats aren't super friendly and jumpy and loud.  So yeah, he was content to just stand back and observe.

Between the two of them though, I really think we need to get a some animals at some point.  For Kal because they make him so happy and for Clark so that he can get use to them and learn to love them.  I really wanted to take the horse and the donkey home, but I don't think out back yard would be quite big enough.

Kal could not leave this turkey alone, cause he kept getting such a reaction out of it every time he would pet it.  It was hilarious. 

The boys climbing Hay Mountain.  I love their tiny little bodies in this picture :) 

Since Clark wasn't so much into the Petting Zoo, we took him to do something that was a little more his speed.  He loves anything with wheels, that boy!

They had a bunch of free stuff for kids, which was cool.  They loved the corn box and all the little tractors and animals to play with.  I think they would have been happy to do that all day.

Checking out all the scarecrows from the scarecrow contest 

Then we went through the corn maze.  There were two and we picked the short one, since prego here can't walk for very long without hurting a lot. haha 

My 3 favorite boys in the whole world 

Can't wait to see my baby boy's face right there with them 

Clark was super into this duck race thing 

It was such a good day and the boys did not even kinda want to leave

But we dragged them to the car with promises of lunch and that did the trick.  Brad took us to a mexican restaurant in town where Kalvin ate probably a pound of salsa and then we went to Wal-Mart and spent a million dollars on food and paint and Halloween candy and pumpkins and a ton of other stuff that we had to buy, since Lovelock has no stores.  haha

It was such a perfect day and now I guess we are ready to get back to work and get this baby here.

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