Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We Moved In!!!

After two loooong weeks of painting.  Two weeks of the boys watching too many cartoons and too many take-out dinners, too many nights of sore muscles and falling into bed barely before falling asleep, we are done!  Oh my heavens painting an entire house is a lot of work.  Granted, I am pregnant, Brad's working full-time and we also did baseboards, crown molding, a very labor-intensive bay window, every door and all the walls, it was a much bigger undertaking than I had originally planned.  But, aside from a few little touch-ups here and there and a hallway that needs trim painted, we are done.  Hurray!  It was a very memorable time for our family. haha There may have been a day when a sweet lady from our ward knocked on our door with dinner in her hands who said that when she ran into us at the store, she just felt so bad, because I looked so tired.  haha  Apparently if you go to Lowes enough times in old sweats and paint in your hair, people notice and bring you an amazing dinner.  The people here are amazingly thoughtful!  And I have loved all the time with my Brad.  He is the best to work with, cause he keeps things light and happy even when we are so tired, with his dancing and singing and for some reason going hours talking with a New York accent and acting like I am the crazy one.   

So on Saturday morning we had some nice fellows show up and help us move all our junk from our rental house into our new house.  The majority of our crap went straight to the garage and our plan is to slowly, box by box, unpack and sort through everything.  Its been over a year since we have seen most of this stuff, so its kinda exciting :) 

Clark went on his first field trip and it was to the fire station.  He has been telling us for months that he wants to be a fireman, so this was kinda a huge deal for him.  He told me he wanted me to take a pic of him in his cool hat and this was the pose he did.  I dont know why, but its awesome. 

We decided to break in our new kitchen and make our favorite molasses spice cookies and take them around to the people who helped us move to say thankyou.  We left the house with 6 plates of cookies and came back 4 hours later with garden squash and onions, bottled garden tomatoes, fresh eggs and a baby swing.  The people here are seriously the best!  I cant say enough good things about them. 

The boys spend so much time outside and its amazing!!  I love our yard and I love that the boys love our yard.  They love all the dirt and trees and they have toys scattered everywhere and its just awesome. 

Kalvin has so much to say these days.  I wish that I could write down all of the crazy things that he says everyday, but if i tried, all I would be doing is writing.  Literally everything that comes out of his mouth makes us laugh.   

Can he please please please just stay this age forever and ever?!  I would give anything!!! 

This little munchkin is somehow a teenager all of the sudden.  School has made him decide that he is big and that thats all there is to it.

No more cutting up his hotdogs, he eats them like a big boy, in the bun, now.  No more using the baby wash in the tub, he wants the same soap Dad uses.  No more walking him in to school, he wants us to just drop him off so he can go in by himself.   

Perfect little face with a perfect little mind and I just can't handle all the changes that he is throwing at me.  I hope that I am handling it all okay.  Poor first child gets to be the one to teach Mama how to become the Mother of a 5 years old.. and then a 6 year old... and then a 7 year old... and I just can't handle this... 

Sunday we actually got to relax a little bit and that was awesome. 

Church was lovely and we had an amazing pot roast for dinner, we watched some football and the season premier of the Walking Dead.  I know, we watch the Walking Dead.  Its cheesy and awesome and we enjoy it more than I will admit.  haha 

And the boys of course found some time to wrestle their Dad.  They love playing Power Rangers with him and its so cute how much they get into it.  I probably have a million pictures and videos of them wrestling from over the years.   

Clark got to have his friend, Sadie come over and play and he was SO excited.  I picked them both up from school and on the way home, Clark says, "Sadie says she is my girlfriend... so I guess my girlfriend is riding in my car right now".  haha and Sadie just says "Yep".  hahaha kids are so awkward sometimes.  But they had fun playing together and we had a fun dinner with her parents later.  Such a sweet family, so I guess I am okay with Clark's little crush ;) 

And I hit 35 weeks on Sunday!  Yay!!  I feel SO pregnant.  I am so uncomfortable.  I know that I am measuring a few weeks small and I think that must be why I am dying.  haha  I cant get the little buddy out of my ribs.  But, I got to have an ultrasound and it was amazing seeing him!!!  He was moving SO much, the ultrasound tech was laughing so hard.  He was somersaulting the entire time.  She said that he is right on track for a due date of November 16th.  He weighs about 5 and a half pounds, so he is as big as Clark was when he was born.  And he has the most perfect little face.  And he kept pulling on his ear through the whole ultrasound.  It for sure made me so excited to actually meet him.  Now if we could just get his nursery unpacked and put together...

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