Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sadie Rose Merkley

On September 27th, my little niece Sadie decided to surprise everyone and bust out early!!!  It was so unexpected, since Kaity was going to be induced in just a couple of days.  It all seemed like it happened pretty fast.  We went from, Sadie will be here in a couple days, to Kaity is being induced right now, to Sadie is already here.  It was so crazy and exciting!  And isnt she just so completely perfect?!  I cant handle it.  She is just the most perfect little angel and one we get to keep.  Nathan and Kaitlin are so happy and so is the rest of the family.  So so blessed to have this girl here!!  Now if we could just find a weekend to go get our hands on this baby!!!


  1. She's beautiful, I'm so happy for them. Congratulations on your house too, that's so exciting. :)

  2. Every weekend!! Come every weekend!!!