Friday, December 12, 2014

Thanksgiving in Idaho

I was a little bit stressed at the thought of traveling with a two week old baby and still trying to recover from having the baby and all, but my family still hadn't met Jonas and we still hadn't met Sadie and so we just had to.  We missed everyone too much not to make it happen.  So the morning of Thanksgiving, we loaded up the car and drove to Idaho. 

And my family got to meet our little buddy 

And we finally got to meet Sadie!  I've been dreaming of holding this girl for a very long time.  It may have been kinda hard to give her back to her parents. 

And oh my gosh I loved every minute of this 

We are so happy to have a Merkley cousin for our kids 

Heather and babies is always amazing 

And I was so happy seeing her excitement about Jonas 

And hearing her say his name and calling him "baby Shawn" like every other baby ever. 

That night we had a party in our room 

Just wearing jammies and holding babies... 

pretty cool party, right? 

Shawn finally got up the courage to hold teeny Jo 

And the boys had to get their time in with him too 

I kinda always love these kind of pictures!  They remind me of Thanksgivings at my G&G Merkleys when I was a kid. 

The next day we all went to lunch and took some naps and played outside.  Thank heavens for Kaitlin and her camera!  Almost every single one of these photos are hers that I stole.  I brought my camera, but was always trapped under a baby and just didnt take like any pictures.  Really, thankyou Kaitlin!  One day I will save a trip with my camera for you.  I promise! 

Can you believe my little brother has a baby?!  I can't! 

The last day was windy picture day. 

I really cannot get enough family pictures.  I try to do one a month and even that doesn't seem like enough.  Maybe I should do weekly.  Or bi-weekly.  Brad would love that ;) 

My little model 

And the crazy eyes one 

I swear that was the wind and his hair was not styled that way 

Pretty enough for a JC Penny catalog 

Ohhh this little bug makes me happy!!!  Her parents make me happy too for bringing her to our family! 

<3 font=""> 

 I love this of all their grandkids

Except angel Maddy... although she was probably there too. 

We just need Austin and Autumn.... 

Ohhhh Heather!!!

Beards.... and a sandwich in the pocket 

All-in-all it was a great trip.  Kalvin had an asthma attack that sent us to the emergency room, but we got some medicine and a nap later, so it all turned out fine.  I really miss my family, but at least we got to spend a few days together.  And I would be lying if I said that I didnt miss Sadie the most. 

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  1. You better keep your promise!! Also I love those pictures of you and Nathan with the babies :)