Friday, December 12, 2014

Bringing Jonas Home

Leaving the hospital was the best feeling ever.  In fact, I felt so good, I refused to sit in the stupid wheel chair and just walked myself right out.  We buckled our little sweetie in the back and we were off.  I told Brad that we HAD to stop for food.  I was SO hungry and its like hospitals don't want you to eat.  So we stopped at BJ's and we had a few people come up and ask how old the baby was and when we told them '1 day' they looked at us like we were crazy.  But I wasn't going another hour and a half without eating.

We got home just as it was getting dark to a clean house and balloons and two excited boys and two just as excited Grandparents! 

And I am not even exaggerating when I say that seeing Clark and Kal meet Jonas made my life complete. 

Kalvin could not contain his excitement.  He has been so overjoyed about this baby since the beginning of my pregnancy. 

So in love with this 

Clark was excited, but a little more reserved about the whole thing, like always.   

He kept wanting to touch his head and little hands and feet.  It was so sweet to watch him take it all in.  When he met Kal, he was just a baby himself, so it was awesome seeing him be so much more aware of what was going on and be excited for it. 

And Grandma and Grandpa got some good time in with the baby too. 

Funny side not:  when we texted Brad's parents the baby's picture and name, Dad thought that we had named the baby "Jones".  haha 

Oh we were so so happy to be home in our own bed with all our little boys under one roof.  And food too. 

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