Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Time Is Here

A little while ago we decided that we needed to get out of the house and go do something fun.  So we decided to keep our tradition alive and go shoot pumpkins.  Its something we have done around November/December since we were dating and we love it.  Something about shooting a pumpkin with a shotgun is just so satisfying!

Plus Brad just loves being out in the hills.  Its his therapy.  He always says how much he loves the high desert.  And while I think that green and trees are prettier, there is something to be said for the sage covered hills and purple mountains. 

The cold air sure freaked Jonas out 

Just outside of town where we always spot deer in the evenings

Things are getting slightly better with Jonas.  I've been getting him to sleep up to 3 or 4 hours most nights in his cradle and thats been enough for me to not feel like a complete zombie.  I do nap during  the day too though.  I so look forward to the days when Brad has a longer lunch break and can come home and take the baby so that I can shower and actually put on clothes and do my hair.  It makes all the difference in the world.  Pretty much nothing gets done unless Brad is here to either do it or take the baby so that I can do it.  I feel bad that Brad has to come home to a messy house each day, but he just laughs at me when I voice my worried about it.  He keeps saying "just enjoy it.  It won't last"  and he is right.  And so supportive.  Thats alwasy the hardest part of having a new baby for me.  The lack of sleep sucks and recovery is anything but pleasant, but I always get feeling so useless.  All I do is take care of the baby and thats it.  Hours of breastfeeding and rocking and netflix.  haha  But I know, I know, I need to just enjoy it, cause it doesnt last.  There will be plenty of time for a clean house and actually wearing something other than stretch pants a few months from now.

And I really do enjoy it.  And I enjoy taking pictures of Brad holding tiny things. 

We went out and got a Christmas tree!!!  And dressed Jonas like a baby lumberjack. 

The boys watched Christmas movies until we convinced them to decorate the tree.  I may have bribed them with hot chocolate. 

We have been loving the pine smell and pretty lights.  Especially since I barely leave the livingroom these days :) 

We needed some Christmas card photos, so we took them in front of the tree and then got a few other cute ones with Jonas

I love newborn baby kisses when they try to eat your face! 

He loves his boy so much 

Clark went and bought presents for everyone in the family at the school store and was SO excited.  He talked about it for days and when he walked in the door from school holding all these presents, he was beaming.  And then his heart sunk when we told him we had to wait til Christmas to open them.  His little eyes filled with tears and Brad caved almost immediately.  So Clark opened each gift for us and he got Kalvin and Jonas Christmas themed rubix cubes and Brad a multicolored pen and me a green snowflake ornament.  He was so happy, it was adorable. 

\Later we got ourselves pulled together enough to go to the ward Christmas party.  They did a great job and the food was amazing and the kids had so much fun. 

Especially meeting Santa.  Kalvin was so excited he just stared at him for the longest time and then finally just told Santa that he wanted food for Christmas.  Clark told me he was going to ask Santa for a bike, but then his friend Sadie said that you are suppose to ask for lots of stuff and he looked a little nervous, like he was trying to rack his brain for other things that he wanted.  So when he was on Santa's lap, he said he wanted a bike and then said play house.  I asked him as we were walking away if he really wanted a play house and he just shrugged his shoulders.  hahaha 

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