Friday, December 12, 2014

Finding a New Normal

Oh my goodness the last few weeks have just flown by

Its been the most beautiful and tiring string of days and nights that are all blurred together 

The boys are absolutely smitten with Jonas. 

They ask to hold him and feed him and bathe him a hundred times a day.  They talk to him and try to soothe him when he cries. 

They run over to check on him when I rock him  

And try as hard as they can to be quiet when he is sleeping 

I am so tired and so happy 

I have to keep reminding myself that this time doesn't last.  That the dishes and laundry not getting done isn't the end of the world, because eventually, he will get bigger, eat more and sleep longer and then I will get more sleep and we can fall into a routine and find our new normal. 

Brad keeps reminding me to just try to enjoy it.  That it is stressful, but exciting and fun and that we will miss it once its over. 

Our little angel is already changing so much 

He is getting rounder and eats as much as 4 oz in one feeding and he has definitely found his voice.  I am pretty sure the neighbors across the street can hear this buddy when I change his diaper. 

He loved his first bath.  That is until we had to unwrap the bandage from his little peep from his circumcision the day before.  So sad, I could cry again just thinking about it. 

We are working on the sleeping thing.  Some days I have more energy and stay on top of sleep training him, other days Im exhausted and just give in and hold him all day and all night. 

We had our first family outing.  We had to go to Reno so he could get his second PKU and made a day of and went to lunch and took the boys to a movie.  It was so nice to get out of the house and Jonas was the sweetest the whole day.  We just had to feed him in the car before we headed back home. 

His little stump fell off his belly button and that was disgusting!  I always rejoice on that day, cause those things are nasty!!  His tummy is all cuteness now. 

So with that gone, he is 100% cute and perfect and amazing 

I mean look at that face!  I can't get over him. 

Brad snapped this picture one evening and it makes me laugh.  I look tired for sure, and some days are definitely how this picture looks, but even the tired days are full of wonderfullness.  My boys complete me!  All 4 of them :) 

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